When I was deciding what to I wanted my first Cozy Mystery series to be about, I looked at what I thought would make a good story, intriguing yet humorous. I’ve always had a love of mystery an comedy so my thoughts where a cross between Charlies Angels and the Golden Girls. Since I’m reaching retirement age and aging can by funny yet a bit much to handle I thought it would be a good start. I hope that this series brings mystery and humor to your life !

Book 1 – Eagles In The Ivy – Get your free copy

Three recently retired sisters, a new business adventure and a dead body 

The Michaels sisters, Deb, Lissa, Becca and Lissa’s Chihuahua Taco move to Clifton Falls after purchasing an old boarding school, formerly known as the Trinity Girls Academy.

The sisters’ first goal is to complete renovations of at least three rooms, which they can rent out to start generating income as quickly as possible.

The first night in their new house Lissa and Taco hear footsteps on the second floor, Lissa believes they’ve purchased a haunted house. 

Deb sets up security cameras to prove to them that the noise is just a raccoon that’s been living in the old building. 

Becca explores the 2nd floor in search of the mysterious noises that Lissa and Taco heard the night before. What she finds instead is their contractor dead, pushed from a second story window onto exposed rebar from the Eagles that had fallen into the ivy. 

With the local Sheriff set out to prove it was Becca that pushed the contractor to his death, the sister sleuths are determined to solve the mysterious, untimely event and save their sister as well as their new business. 

Book 2 – Mist In The Garden – Coming in July

Book 3 – Coming in September

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